I am Alive…Diva #192: Use My Tangle – Seton

First off, I am alive. I know I’ve said repeatedly that I have 6 classes (I am attending) this semester, and subsequently, being that I will graduate in May, they have gotten increasingly difficult on the homework scale.

I have been trying to fit in some tangle time (mostly in class) and trying to keep up with at least a few challenges (mostly Diva and Square One on Facebook.)

So this week’s Diva Challenge was with guest CZT Cris Letourneau, with a Use My Tangle (UMT) for her tangle, Seton. If you haven’t checked out her book (with Sonya Yencer, CZT) called Pattern Play, I highly recommend it.

Seton is a grid pattern, that rather reminds me of a quilt, so I had a little fun with it.

And this week, on Square One, the focus was on Punzel. I have never done this one before, but I think I really like it.
One of my classes this semester is on Stress Management (I am majoring in Kinesiology) and we had to split into groups and do a review of literature and demonstrations of different techniques being used in Stress Management. My group was lucky enough to grab Art Therapy for our topic, and I was able to do a Zentangle demo with the class (interactive, of course.) I pre-string tiles for larger groups, to cut out some time (we only had 20 minutes) and found after this trial of the demo, I need to re-do one of my strings…it looks too much like boobs…but he did a really nice job on it…(sorry if this offends anyone….Tyler is an established artist already, and this was his first tile…so I was rather impressed.)
Anyway…back to homework!

12 thoughts on “I am Alive…Diva #192: Use My Tangle – Seton

  1. A beautiful, well drawn Tile. Love you design and fills. The color and shading are just right.Your square one tile is wonderful as well. I'm really taking a liking to Punzel. Well done. Wishing you the best in your studies.


  2. I love your tan tile! So much in the vein of Australia Aboriginal art. Love your Punzel for Square One. I started out with that group, but can't stomach Facebook so closed my account. Shame they are on Facebook, as I would have liked to continue with classic Zentangle in a group.
    Gotta tell you, I love the boobs! What are you talking about “offensive”, it's a brilliant tile! 🙂


  3. I love your quilty take on Seton – very subtle colors and really beautiful. How fun for you to do a demo for your class! Yeah, I really get the boobs one, because one of my tiles turned into a bikini. Well, you see what you see, I guess! Also, to Zoe who posted before me, that Facebook group does get overwhelming. I was able to stop the e-mail notifiers, so now it only comes up as little alerts on Facebook, which I can mark all in one swoop. Too bad there isn't a way to put everything for one topic in a viewing page so you can see them all together, Oh well… keep tangling!


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