Catching Up…Diva 181, 179, and a Peek at the Second 176

ok, I am a bit behind. Admittedly, it has been a rough last couple of weeks. Another trip to Florida to see my sister-in-law, Marie, as she continues her brave battle with cancer. Dealing with the suicide of Robin Williams. And to top it all off, one of my Army buddies and her husband (also a veteran) were killed in a freak motorcycle accident, leaving behind 2 small children.

This would be enough to get anyone down, but dealing with, and living with, depression is a tough roads sometimes. It can greatly interfere with your desire to do anything, much less anything creative. But, I have found that if I can get started, especially on a tile, I can get out of it a little. That’s where the prompts from the Diva, Adele Bruno, and Square One (on FaceBook) have been a godsend. I don’t have to think about what to start (the hard part) and can get into the mindfulness.

So with that being said, I’ve made a lot of effort on a few projects that required minimal mental effort. I am almost done “up cycling” our dart board case (icky old Miller Lite thing,)  which, of course, I had to add some tangles to. I’ll post the finished product next week.

I got out this week’s Diva Challenge #181, with the theme of Water. I went to the beach yesterday, and it was rather soothing listening to the sound of the waves crashing. I hope you can see some watery-ness in my Mooka.  Signo UM-153 pen in blue, Signo Angellic in light blue, and General’s Chalk Pastels (white, light blue and indigo) on Renaissance Tan tile.

I did get some Bijoux done, but I was on the road when I did them, so I didn’t get them posted. But…here they are!
I really love doing these. I will often draw Bijou on several tiles in different positions with my dip pen, and after they dry I tangle him into someplace. I love that these have given me the impetus to try some tangles I don’t normally use as well.
Speaking of Bijou, since he sends us tiles in these adorable little tins, I found one at JoAnn that fits 3.5 inch tiles perfectly…check it out.
I had “colored” 2 tiles to use for Diva’s Challenge 176: BYOB, but I only finished one in time for posting that week. I have now finished the 2nd one. Here is the before pic again:
So this is the wine stain on the left on Renaissance Tan.
I think it came out pretty cool. I was on a Cadent-esque tangent that week, after doing this one for Square One:
And contenting off my Initials from Diva #178: Duo of my initials, I did this cute frame from Michael’s dollar rack with all C and K tangles:
Whew…I think that catches me up for now!
Stay crazy!

25 thoughts on “Catching Up…Diva 181, 179, and a Peek at the Second 176

  1. That's a lot of freakin awesome stuff! I love the blue Mooka. But then again those Bijoux shouldn't be called second best, they're so cool! And then the wine stain! Those are my favs. If you get down, email me. We can discuss who needs to go buy what art/craft supplies! I need to go to Joann's already for that tin


  2. All of your Tiles are wonderful. You are so talented. Love the wateresque embellishment in the Mooka arm. Lovely blue. Found the Tins on JoAnn's web site, but they don't give it's size. I'll check at my local store, and thanks for the heads up.


  3. Wow! I don't know where to start, all your tile are amazing. That wine stain on a tan tile looks amazing, and you made a great piece out of it. I love that hint of blue on mooka. Oh and the rest is amazing too!! 🙂


  4. You got a lot done. I like them all. I like The water tile. Did not know that Signo made pens with colored ink. Have not really investigated them as I have only used the white.


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