Whew…Time Flies…Diva Challenges #176 & 177, Rock Fest, and Random Travels…

Oh my goodness this has turned into a busy summer! We just got home from the 2nd trip (This one was only 8 days, and included our annual sojourn to Wisconsin for Rock Fest.)

I was without internet access for a week, and it was almost rather pleasant. On the other hand, I didn’t get as much tangling done as I had hoped. I did leave a few random tangles as autographs…this was on a tent that was shaped like a VW van.

I did finish one of my two planned out tiles for Diva’s guest challenge #176, which was entitled BYOB. The object was to paint/stain your tiles with whatever you were drinking. I hit a white tile with coffee, and tangled it in sepia pen. I did stain a 2nd tile with red wine, but I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet.

These are my “before” tiles…

And the white tile after…I’ll post the other one when I finish it.
For Diva’s guest challenge #177, the task was to use Truffle, by Caroline Broady, CZT. About the time I was looking at this, I made a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Truffle rather reminded me of the jelly fish, so I pulled out some blue grey charcoal paper and went a little ocean themed with white Gelly Roll pen, Blue Stardust, and chalk pastel pencils. It’s a little weird…and its 6 x 6.
Well…back to laundry, my Spanish final, and puttering around the studio. My summer is nearing the end, I had to register for school a few days ago. 5 classes, one with lab (chemistry) and I am already feeling the strain. 
Stay Crazy My Friends!

12 thoughts on “Whew…Time Flies…Diva Challenges #176 & 177, Rock Fest, and Random Travels…

  1. The jelly fish are fabulous. I love the colour you have added, especially the two shades of blue. I like the organic pattern of your B.Y,O,B, tile


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