Diva Challenge #175: UMT: Crux

Ok…so I made it through a week with my mother, and I’m not in jail for killing her (at least until they find the body.)

After dropping her at the airport in San Diego, I went to one of my happy places, Dick Blick Art Supply in Little Italy. Ah…paper…ah….ink…ah….zen….

So I did stock up on some cool papers (more to come on what I’m doing with that to come) and got a fountain pen, and some ink for my dip pen I found in one of my drawers. On Sunday, I picked up a really cool journal at the Hotel Del Coronado gift shop. It’s a Jane Austen Novel Journal, with blank pages and Jane Austen quotes sprinkled throughout. I am going to use it to practice writing with the fountain pen, and the pages feel to be of sufficient weight to add some tangles to as well. (yeah…rough and tumble me is a HUGE Jane Austen fan. I had to make a trip to Bath when I was in the UK, and I watch the original BBC mini series of Pride and Prejudice at least once a year.)

I’ve notices some of my friends and relatives (including me) having some difficulties this week, so when I saw the heart cut outs leftover from some dies I had cut earlier in the week, I thought they needed to be a string. I guess I took that as an omen. And since I had bought new ink for my dip pen, I thought I would pull out the 15 year old acrylic ink that has been in the drawer and in storage and well travelled, only to find that it would not work with the pen. So…I painted in the gold with a tiny, tiny paint brush.  Oh, and I also worked on a Zendala tile, which was a first for me.

So here is the final piece. Black Micron, Red Gelly Roll, Gold Acrylic Ink. Tangles are Hurry, Fracas,  and Crux. oh, and some Derwent Inktense in Chili Red and blended with a Niji water brush. (Just got the Derwent’s in the mail yesterday, had to try them out.)

Now I’m off to do my Spanish homework, and play with a couple things I have started on my workbench.

¡Hasta Luego!

23 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #175: UMT: Crux

  1. Nice work. I don't know how you got Crux to go into a circle, but it's really great that way = less grid-like. The added color is nice too. Enjoy your new toys!


  2. Very nice! I like the colors! Was this a pre strung zendala or did you do that too? I really like the depth the black gives it, and the red just makes it pop! Enjoy the intense!


  3. Your circle grid for the Crux is totally amazing. Love those intertwining hearts. The Black back fill makes everything else very crisp and clean. I love this tile. Wonderful Job.


  4. Beautiful Charlotte, it looks like a crochet doily with nice hearts on top of it. The grid placed in a circle really makes the pattern much nicer…


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