Diva Challenge #166 – UMT Diva Style

Ok…so in reading the comments from last weeks Diva Challenge posting, I almost fainted. A tangler and artist I greatly admire, Helen Williams, liked my work! I highly recommend her ebooks for inspiration and tangles.

So this week…UMT…Use My Tangle. Cool. This one from the Diva (Laura Harms) is actually her tangle, hence Diva Style.

This tangle has yet to be named, but I think it looks a bit like the Falkirk Wheel when it is in rotation. (And yes, I took that picture on holiday. Nerd holidays often include trips to engineering marvels.)

I also finished it off with some Nzepple and Crescent Moon. Please note the regular size of my tile this week! I am so proud of myself for that…lol.

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