Diva Challenge #165 – UMT "Camalia"

Psst….lean in…I have a secret…

Closer…yes…that’s it…

(I am not a huge fan of griddy things…)

Ok…my secret is out. And the original Camelia is very, very griddy. (Anne Marks makes it so pretty though, see it here.) So, in an effort to make this better for me, I untangled it a bit. Oh wait…I remember…it’s called variation. I variated it. ­čÖé

And I think I said I was done with bigger pieces for a while. The last 2 I did were 6 x 6…giving me an area of 36 square inches to tangle on. Hmmm…a regular tile (3.5 x 3.5) is 12.25 square inches of tangly delight. So…if its 1.675 x 9… is only 15 (and a skosh) inches, so its really close to an official tile, just stretched out a lot.

Honest…truly…its really almost a tile. OK…more like a really long book mark. I do love that paper, and it was the last bit I had trimmed off something else. Stonehenge I think. Not quite brown, not quite grey. Takes the white pen nicely. Pulls off the black pen with ease.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I learned Bunzo…and I really love it!
Stay Crazy My Friends,

7 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #165 – UMT "Camalia"

  1. Donald, I have been using the Signos lately. They seem to make a much nicer line, and they cover well. The only issue I see is they cover too well and can be hard to shade. Since I didn't plan to do any shading on this, I figured it was better to have a more solid fill.


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