My First Diva Challenge…its a Quandry!

Whew…ok…its been a while.

This week, I tried my hand at a new challenge. I am the diva ( hosts a weekly challenge on her blog. I have been a bit intimidated by it, because it’s not as structured as the ones I have been doing. Add to that, I seem to be a bit string-phobic. I seem to do a lot of my Zentangle® work without a string.

So that being said, this was a bit tough. I had bought a packet of pre-strung tiles a while back, and have never used any of them. So I closed my eyes and picked one.

I am the diva Challenge #161 was to use the tangle Quandry. This is a bit of a particularly hard one, so I practiced it a bit and watched a couple videos on youtube. That seemed to make it a bit easier, but still not the best one I’ve done.

It’s a little weird, but I like it!
Stay Crazy!

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