Cozy Up to Tangles

Part of what I really love about the practice of Zentangle is the feeling of comfort I experience whilst tangling. Nothing else matters for a while. Nothing hurts…my body or my brain…for that little while. The outside noise shuts off. My inner critic shuts down. For that time, and usually a good while after, I am everything I want and need to be.

And when this week’s guest Divas – Juliette Flessinger and Kellie Fellinge, CZTs asked us to cozy up for a change of seasons, I was READY! Even though I live in Southern California, I love FALL! It means an end to the heat, even though we don’t get the foliage of someplace like New England, it is definitely a change. They gave us a few tangles and I picked Tripoli and a tile I had spray dyed with coffee and a silicone coaster. Tangled in Sepia and Brown Micron, and shaded with Van Dyke Brown Chalk Pastel, I outlined the coffee areas and added the flowers back in. I was really pleased. So here is Diva Challenge #333:

Diva #333

That was relaxing (doing the outlining) and challenging at the same time. I have to concentrate a lot to get the Tripoli to line up.

I was in a 2 day meeting last week, and I tangled quite a bit during it. Keeps me calm and stops me from being disruptive (I like to talk too much sometimes.) So here are a couple tiles I did there.

The Blue Flowers are on one of the tiles in did in my Paper Play class!

And I have been working through some more prompts from an online journaling thing I was following over the summer. I started really late, and I am WAY behind, but have been really enjoying these little dips into techniques and tangles I do not normally use. Here is what I am caught up to now:

I’ve also used this opportunity to use my tangle, Abukas, in as many ways as possible!

We have a fun class coming up on the 30th with Risa Gettler on doing this cool pop up card. Get a head start on your holidays with this multi-purpose card. While the main focus is to use your calligraphy skills, you can use a computer font instead if your skills aren’t where you want them yet.

Pop Up Card

I will be out of the country for a bit in October, so if you need store items, I should be shipping right up to around the 3rd. I’ll be back on the 20th!

There are still a few of the expanded Summer Time Blues Kits, and be sure to check out the video I posted on blue shading on the tan paper!

Tangle Away – and be cozy.

9 thoughts on “Cozy Up to Tangles

  1. Be careful what you wish for. We get fall foliage here on the east coast, but we also have a hurricane/tropical storm risk theoretically up until November 1st. As Dino and I sit here today, trying to be cozy, the wind is whipping around outside courtesy of Jose who is churning in the Atlantic about 250 miles east of us. Your cozy tile is—-well, cozy. The calming brown/bieges add to the calm—although all this coziness is also making me want to take a nap. Have you started thinking about packing for your trip yet?

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    1. I had my backpack with the art supplies and a small project packed in time to “test run” it to Santa Barbara last week. The rest of the wardrobe is sorted, and I am all packed in my head…lol


  2. I love the coffee colored tile. It does have a cozy and warm look to it. I had to smile at your doing tangles to keep from being disruptive. I was banned from the teacher’s lounge early in my career because I couldn’t sit still while they were trying to relax. Too bad I didn’t know about Zentangle in those days, LOL!

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  3. Thank you once more for this amazing collection of eye candy! I love the coffee stained tile and all of your prompt pieces are really inspiring. That was really fun project. I want to go back and pick prompts at random and do them again;-)

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  4. Beautiful cozy tile! love the soothing colors. It is fun reading and seeing the variety of tile the change of season/cozy theme brought up. Thanks for sharing yours! As always I enjoy seeing the work you post – even though I don’t always comment..

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