Yep, that’s right…it is Independence Day here in the United States. I also like to call it the day we find out which of our neighborhood kids are not that smart and got illegal fireworks. (Disclaimer…Southern California is VERY dry and we have a really wicked fire season here, where many of the fires are human caused…)

But…all in all, it is a good day to be American. As a veteran, I know what it took to get here, and while I worry about the future of my country, I do celebrate it with the traditional baseball (Giants won, 3-1 over the Rockies,) hot dogs (bacon wrapped and baked, with mole aloi, chopped onions, and dijon,) and tangling (in support of this week’s Diva Challenge #274 entitled My Country Tis of Thee.)

Diva #274

The scanner never picks up the glitter and sparkle, but I think sometimes less is more. I sprayed the background through a star stencil with my eBrush and Spectrum Noir markers, then tangled with a blue Micron, clear Stardust Gelly Roll, Silver Gelly Roll, and indigo and white chalk pastels. Seems more complicated when I type it out (kinda like those hot dogs…lol.)

Been doing some other finishing this week, and this ultra cute elephant (or elephunk as I call him) emerged.


I seem to use an awful lot of pens for something so small…lol. He is Brusho paints dabbed through a Dreamweaver stencil. I decided I liked the paint bleeds and didn’t cover them up. I think it makes him look artsy.

I also finally finished this great up-cycle project for a display frame.


I had 2 frames left from a reframing project, and used a piano hinge to join them, and installed eye screws and picture wire in copper and silver. The clips are quilting clips. I did learn the importance of drilling pilot holes for the eye screws after one of them slipped and left a nasty gash in my left palm. But other than that, I think it came out really CUTE!

I am going to be a bit busy this week, with classes and I volunteered to work the Major League Baseball All-Star FanFest in San Diego. For anyone that knows how much I love baseball, this is going to be a very memorable event for me, and I get to be involved for free! I don’t get to see the game (except on TV) but just being around so much baseball stuff is awesome!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

12 thoughts on “Bang…Boom…BLAM!

  1. I really like your Red White and Blue “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” tile. The way you sprayed on the red and blue on the background looks like a fun technique. Great tangles on that star. Your Elephunk is so cute. And you have given me a great idea with that display frame. I’m ready to make one of those myself now. Not exactly the same, of course. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

    Melena, in Northern California (where it’s much cooler today)

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  2. Wonderful post! I love your patriotic tangles, and I love love that elephunk. I agree that the color seeping out is more painterly looking. He is just toooo cute! Glad you had a traditional 4th, and thank you for your service. Take good care of that hand too!

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  3. I had to click on your eBrush link to see how you did your color spatter. Very, very cool. Probably not something I “need”, but it has now been added to my “want” list. If I ever figure out how to monetize blogging and Zentangle enough to at least cover my expenses, maybe I’ll treat myself. 😉 Anyway, that technique produced a perfect background for your “My Country Tis of Thee ” tile. I also think your elephunk is adorable. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the purple medium you used enough to understand how you achieved such effective shading in the purple. I hope you’re one of the people who subscribes to the belief that “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” because, I too, expect to “borrow” your frame display technique.

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    1. I encourage imitation! Most of the actual shading on Elie was also with a chalk pastel. The General’s Chalk Pastels, or MultiPastels, are super easy to color match to just about anything. And they shade as easy as graphite. Oh, and I am pretty sure I got the eBrush on for half its price. Keep an eye out there as I have seen things come up repeatedly. I don’t use it much yet, but still finding it useful for backgrounds.


  4. Oh yes, another person here going to blatantly copy your frame idea, it is super 🙂 Your tangling is brilliant too, great national colours tile, interesting blog and a cute little elepunk too.

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