Diva #185: Duo Tangle Phicops vs. Diva Dance…who won?

We are having a heat wave (and I don’t feel very tropical!)

It is OMG hot in Southern California right now. So what better to do than stay inside and tangle…opps…I meant do homework!

So this week, our lovely Laura the Diva had us do a duo tangle with her tangles Phicops and Diva Dance, in celebration of her and B-rads anniversary. They are a lovely couple…and this pair of tangles are a lovely couple as well. This was a first time for Phicops for me…I did find it a little challenging at first.

Renaissance Tan tile, with sepia micron, brown artist lead, and white Gelly Roll pen.

I am trying to stay up with getting at least a few tiles a week done. I spent all last week prepping my demos for my first live demonstration yesterday (it was fabulous) so I didn’t really have time to get to last weeks Tickled to Tangle tile, but I did get this weeks done today as well. The tangles are Girlande, Girdy, and my almost oops variation of Gingham.

Black micron, graphite, Inktense Pencils, and a Niji brush.

ok…off to read stress management homework…write papers…and dream of ebola…ack!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

18 thoughts on “Diva #185: Duo Tangle Phicops vs. Diva Dance…who won?

  1. these are great. Your duo tangle reminds me of a jewelry box, with a precious brooch lying on an intricately woven cloth. The deep contrasts of the second one is striking, the b&w against the primary colors. Nice!


  2. love your phicops. Now I have to change my tickled to tangle tile because I put the patterns in exactly the same places you did.! I even coloured the girlande. great minds….


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